Within You Without You
Within You Without You Cover

D’DRUM's second CD, Within You Without You, features renowned flutist Jim Walker as guest artist. The CD features music derived from traditional cultures of Bali, Africa, Persia, and other regions blended with the influences of Western Classical and Jazz forms. All of the instruments featured on recordings and in performance are acoustic, and of traditional and contemporary design.

Jim Walker

Track by Track

1) Within You Without You (5:34)
by George Harrison

Gong,tamboura, bowed vibes, bowed crotales, marimba, cimbalom, bata, diatonic rindik, Tenganese tambour, Balinese kendang, Sundanese kendang ,diatonic gender, ceng-ceng, didgeridoo, darabuka, vibes, Ewe drum set

2) Gong Song (6:19)
Gongs, marimba, vibes, cimbalom, Javanese kendang, Tenganese tambour

3) SummerFall (5:29)
Vibes, drum set, gentorak, diatonic gender, diatonic rindik, boobams, amadinda, Chaia bass marimba,

4) Girikusuma (Flower Mountain) (5:20)
Vocals, Dewa Made Artha

kul-kul, Balinese prayer bell, gender wayang, rindik, gong pulu, ceng-ceng, kendang kecil, selonding, crowd sounds (cremation Desa Sindu) Wall’s Ice Cream Motorbike

5) Nebula (2:43)
Vibes, flute, cymbals

6) Lamaj (5:37)
Darabuka, djembe, talking drum, , dobachi, shekeres, congas, bowed crotales, boombams

7) Borobudur (7:13)
Javanese Gamelan (Miss Smile)

8) WinterSpring (12:23)
Drum set, cimbalom, riq, gong pulu, amadinda, diatonic rindik, vibes, boobams, Ewe drum set


Produced by D’Drum
Recorded and Mixed by Bob Gentry at Gentry Studios, Tyler, Texas
Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO

Gender Wayang in Girikusuma (Flower Mountain) recorded by Paul Middleton at Palmyra Studios, Palmer, TX

Vocals in Girikusuma (Flower Mountain) recorded by Lee Schloss at Palmyra Studios, Palmer, TX

Graphic Artwork by Robert Greeson

Girikusuma (Flower Mountain) dedicated to Robert Brown

All music composed by D’Drum and Jim Walker
Except Within You Without You by George Harrison, Sony ATV Publishing, BMI
and Girikusuma (Flower Mountain) by D’Drum

Arranged and performed on acoustic instruments by D’Drum
©2006 Arandas Publishing, BMI

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